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THE TURBO IS BLOWN. drilling sound - turbo bearing is shot, youre hearing the sound of the bad bearing, BECAUSE THE TURBO IS BLOWN. smoking at idle - the piston ring in the turbo is leaking oil through the center housing into the exhaust side of the turbo, at idle youre giving the oil a chance to build up and leak past, BECAUSE THE TURBO IS BLOWN. TIP: To reduce blue smoke at start-up or when decelerating, use Nulon Engine Stop Leak. WARNING: Do not exceed 10% treatment level in sump oil, i.e. for 4 litre sump capacity use maximum 400 ml of product. For advice, contact a Poisons Information Centre (Phone e.g. Australia 131 126; New Zealand 0800 764 766) or a doctor (at once).

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As a reformed w woo 1 year and counting smoker I know it is difficult to not want to have a quick fag before you collect the kids.

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I've made videos in the past about why depression happens when you're trying to quit smoking weed. In today's video however, I'll share with you how to actua.

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N54 Valve Cover Oil Leak Symptoms. Common N54 valve cover oil leak symptoms are: Oil on the threads of the spark plugs, but not on the electrodes. Ignition coils covered in oil. Crevices of the head/valves are filled with oil. Burning oil smell, possible smoke coming from valve cover. Low engine oil light. I've made videos in the past about why depression happens when you're trying to quit smoking weed. In today's video however, I'll share with you how to actua.

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Engine burnt oil but this came from intake side. I suposed it is a problem with the turbo. So I got a new (genuine part) turbo. The problem with smoke when decel remain the same. Don´t know what´s wrong. The intake of the turbo is quite full of oil. Oil don´t come from pcv! I suppose there is a problem with the return of the oil from turbo.

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Ya, exhausts have a lot off protectant that needs to get burned off. That can create smoke. Also, you might just be running a little rich when you first start, since you got no EM, then the car gets a good read from the 02 sensors and corrects for it. If the smoke smells like gas your running rich, if it smells like arse it is the protectants.

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Hi Guys, hope that you can help me. I am currently in Pietersburg and the SWAMBO(in Pretoria) calls me yesterday telling me that there is something wrong with my cabby. She tells me that the turbo wont kick in and it is smoking badly. Now seeing that this is what she says and I will only be home tonight to verify this, what do you guys think it might be?.

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the most common reasons are: too much crank case pressure, clogged oil return line, the wrong oil restrictor/no oil restrictor, the wrong size oil feed line,too small of a catch can and not a big.

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According to the calls coming in, Mazda CX 7 and CX 9 drivers appear to be having turbo (turbocharger) and engine problems, and to make matters even worse, the manufacturer is trying to point the finger back at the consumer. Our clients have experienced a number of Mazda engine problems, including illuminated engine warning lights, oil burning.

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Passenger side turbo looks clean as it can be. Drivers side different story. You can see where oil has blown past the hose and hose clamps and the turbo is covered. Looking at it, it doesnt appear to be the turbo leaking oil. it looks like the air duct isnt attached tight enough to the turbo. Step One: Prior to removal, drain the cooling system, and disconnect the oil and water lines. Next, disconnect the engine blower tubing, turbocharger air inlet and remove the silencer (if used.) Then disconnect the connection to the exhaust. Step Two: Use a sling or rope to make sure the turbo is supported.

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2019. 5. 20. · A malfunctioning turbo can cause more exhaust smoke to be produced than normal if there is oil leaking into the exhaust. Loud noises: If your vehicle has a bad turbo, you may hear loud noises that sound like whining or screeching. So if your vehicle is running and you hear a loud whining sound that increases in volume as the problem goes.

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I saw a little bit of information about smoking exhaust being caused by the PCV system being faulty, and the general consensus was the next steps would be a compression test, possibly a catch can, and a JBR or diamond restrictor bolt for the turbo feed along with a new PCV.

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